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Do you happen to have multiple WordPress sites that always require your constant attention to ensure that they are working well? Do you find it tiring spending your precious time and resources monitoring your multiple WordPress platforms? Then a WordPress remote management system is what you need. A WordPress remote management system is a system which offers you a single dashboard through which you can get access to all your WordPress sites instead of having to login to each of the respective admin panels of the WordPress sites.

With WordPress management systems maintenance of your WordPress site is simplified to just the click of a button where you can modify, install or update the plugins, themes and WordPress core systems of multiple sites all at once. Simply putting it a WordPress remote management system is a must have for those with many WordPress sites and thus let’s get to discuss some of the best systems out there which include:

  1. ManageWP

ManageWP offers you a powerful dashboard from which you can manage all your WordPress sites. Several key functionalities and features are afforded to you when you access the ManageWP dashboard some of which are:

  • Management: This may rage from configuring of all you WordPress platforms’ plugins and themes. There is also a unique feature of creation of Sub users which allows you to partner with others on a given site while maintaining sole control of your other sites. You can also group you WordPress sites for easier management.
  • Backup: This allows for you to perform frequent backups to you websites and also perform a restoration from these backups.
  • Monitoring: You can perform regular checks to your website for any broken links or the consistency of your sites through their uptimes and downtimes.
  • Security: ManageWP guarantees the safety of your WordPress platform by providing extra security measures like restricting access to a single IP address and the use of a Two Factor Authentication system.

These features among others are available in four different package plans which are: Free, Standard, Professional and Business so you get the chance to choose an appropriate plan depending on your requirements.

  1. MainWP

MainWP offers its management system through a set of WordPress plugins that you install in your WordPress platform thus offering you a dashboard from which you can manage your child sites. MainWP is self-hosted thus the dashboard is hosted in your own WordPress install and not on a private server unlike other systems.

MainWP is an open source system and thus you get the chance to review and understand how it functions. This system is free to all users for the basic features from which you get the chance to customize it by purchase of different extensions to add onto the dashboard. Security is enhanced through Network Discovery Protection which hides the MainWP Child plugin folder thus no one can know that you are using MainWP in you sites.

  1. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP is also a free and self-hosted WordPress Management platform just like MainWP where after installing the plugin to your WordPress platform you get one master login through which you can manage your sites. Managing of your WordPress update is simplified where the updates can be categorized depending on the websites, plugins, themes or core. You can easily enhance the basic dashboard offered in the free plan by the purchase of add-ons like cloud backup, malware scanner, uptime monitor, Google analytics just to mention a few.

  1. WP Remote

WP Remote allows you to monitor unlimited sites for Free and like other paid services gives you the tools to easily update WordPress Core, Plugins ,Themes and dowload full snapshots of your blog with a single click on the WP Remote Dashboard.
WP Remote provides JSON API, so those of you who have programing skills can work from your own dashboard or service using WP Remote functionality over RESTfull interface.
WP Remote uses uniq API keys and never asks about usernames or passwords for your blog – security on first place!

Currently over 70k websites are monitored and maintained using WP Remote.

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