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WordPress is an open source and online tool, which is used to create websites. It is written in PHP language. In non-technical terms, it is the most easiest and powerful blogging and web site content management system (CMS), which exists on earth today.

Most of the famous bloggers, news outlets, musicians, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies are using WordPress to publish their contents on the web. Popular blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable uses WordPress. News agencies like CNN, The New York Times’ blogs all use wordpress. You are in a good company if you work on WordPress.

If you ever wonder who actually uses WordPress, visit WordPress showcase and you’ll be fascinated with well-known sites and famous people who are using WordPress to promote their websites.

WordPress is not a copyright free application, Instead It has been licensed in such a way that allows everyone to use it, but each contribution made to the software is copyrighted. It is released under GPL, so you are allowed to use, modify, and redistribute the code. You will have the copyright to modifications you make to the software not the entire code. GPL requires that any derivative work you release or distribute should be licensed under GPL as well. So while you may have the copyright to do anything you like, your derivative work automatically inherits the GPL license so others are free to use, modify, and redistribute your code in any way they choose.

The main profitable part in any open source software is by selling its related product and services. People usually relate WordPress with WordPress.com but they are slightly different. However, WordPress or WordPress.org, which has been co-founded by Matt Mullenweg, is a free restricted tool for blogging purposes and you can avail the full power of WordPress.org by unlocking its feature including CSS modifications etc on WordPress.com by spending hosting charges of $3250 per month.

You can play with WordPress to make a successful business. These include developing commercial themes, and commercial plugins etc. Some them include Gravity Forms, Sucuri, BackupBuddy, SlideDeck etc. WPEngine is another example, which has risen over $1.2 million funding by providing hosting around WordPress. Another example is Studio press who creates beautiful WordPress themes. Other companies include WooThemes, Elegant Themes, iThemes and many more.

Good WordPress consultants and developers also make a good full-time income by building applications, custom websites, and plugins around WordPress for their clients.

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